The customer experience that you benefit from with TIMANT as your technical service partner

Let us deliver first class customer experience while your business enjoys service benefits from all the advantages a successful partnership can offer.

Our core business is to provide our partners a high-quality and independent technical services & maintenance.

We support your sales team by being a dependable, cost effective technical service partner with rapid response times, having field service engineers on the ground when you need them the most.

Please take a closer look at the service benefits a high-quality and professional independent European technical service partner can do for you.

Service benefits | TIMANT
Service benefits | TIMANT
Service benefits | TIMANT
Synergies & cost effectiveness through cooperation
Gain local linguistic, cultural & regulatory expertise
Open up new market areas with no barriers to entry
Improve geographical coverage in European countries
Boost customer satisfaction with local field service
Respond to customer’s needs quickly and efficiently
Service benefits

Advantages you gain with TIMANT

  • Open up new markets with no barriers to entry
  • Local linguistic, cultural and regulatory expertise
  • Synergies and cost effectiveness through cooperation
  • Reduce your operational expenditure by using our flexible work force
  • Reduce your labour, management, infrastructure, technology and tooling costs
  • Improve your geographical coverage in many European countries
  • Increase your customer satisfaction using our team of local field service engineers who understand your customers
  • With over a 100 skilled, experienced, field service technicians at your disposal, we can respond to your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently
  • Concentrate on your core competencies and let your business grow
Service benefits

Quality in the biomedical industry

At TIMANT we live and breathe quality and appreciate its importance in the biomedical industry.

We understand the meaning of quality at every level of our operations from management to field service engineers.

TIMANT is transitioning to having ISO 9001:2015 as the minimum standard, with many members attaining ISO 13485:2016.

References and quality certificates are available upon request.

We welcome audits of our premises throughout Europe, so come and see us for yourself.

Service coverage | TIMANT Service Network

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